Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about GleaND and our volunteer experience. If you have other questions, please email the Gleaning Coordinator at

Who runs GleaND?
GleaND is a network of organizations working to increase the availability of fresh and local produce at food banks and pantries throughout North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota. Our goal is to connect people with food that would otherwise go to waste and reduce hunger throughout the area. Read our history to learn more.

How do I find out about gleans?
The Glean Calendar is your main tool to find out about gleans. Often, we find out about crop donations on short notice, so check the calendar regularly.

Why can’t I sign-up for a glean?
You may have entered your name differently than you did when you initially registered. Please also be sure that you have checked the box to acknowledge the Waiver of Liability. If you are still unable to sign-up, contact Dick at or (503) 991-5525.

Can I bring my kids?
We encourage parents to bring their children, but please be aware that some gleans will be more suitable for kids than others. We always provide as much information as possible about the produce and how it will be gleaned so that you can make the decision about whether or not to bring your kids. Youth under age 18 do not need to register as volunteers, but parents are required to check off the waiver form, agreeing to provide supervision.

Volunteers under age 18 must be actively supervised by an adult who is on the glean roster.

What if I can’t make it?
If your schedule changes, please cancel within 48 hours so someone else can take your spot. The email you received when you signed up for the glean includes a link where you can cancel.

How do I find the glean address after I signed up?
The email you received after you signed up included a link to information about the glean, including the address. If you have signed up for the glean but have lost this email, click here and submit the required information. The email will be sent to you again. If you have further trouble, contact Dick.

What should I wear to a glean?
We suggest wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, long pants, comfortable closed-toe shoes, a hat, gloves, and sunblock.

Has the produce been sprayed with chemicals?
Our gleans take place at a wide variety of properties, from 10-acre orchards to urban backyards. We always ask the property owner whether or not their produce has been sprayed with non-organic chemicals, and we include that information when we schedule the glean.

What should I do if my contact information changes?
If you are changing contact information such as your email address or phone number, go to the Returning Volunteers page and click “Update.” If you need to make a name change, email Dick Yates at
Can I see how many gleans I've attended?
You can have an email sent with your glean history, by entering your name on the Attendance page.

Why aren’t there more gleans?
There are a number of factors that contribute to the number of gleans we host each year. We anticipate this number to fluctuate based on the number of growers who are interested in donating, the weather, and our volunteer capacity.

Why do gleans fill so quickly?
GleaND is grateful to have many volunteers signing up for a glean. Please watch the calendar closely and be sure to sign-up for the waitlist on any full glean you are interested in attending, as you will be immediately notified of any cancellations.